WD Elements Portable Hard Drive Review

WD Portable Hard Drive

WD Blue 1TB SATA Hard Drive
WD Blue 1TB SATA Hard Drive
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As of: 2019/06/19 4:59 am
WD Blue 1TB SATA Hard Drive
There are tens of portable hard drives on the market, but the portable 1TB Elements from Western Digital Technologies Incorporated stands out. This is an in-depth review of the 1TB WD elements portable USB 3.0 hard drive’s features, where to find it and what other customers are saying about it.
Feature List

  • FAST 6gb Transfer Speeds
  • New USB 3.0 Technology
  • Does with with USB 2.0
  • Hard-Drive Speed 7200
  • Store 1 Terabyte of Data!

For cord cutters setting up their subscription free tv options at home, this is an extremely popular external hard drive that 100’s of people have bought on this site and it has 1000’s of reviews on amazon backing it up. This would be one of the extra accessories you would want to buy for the tablo dvr or the channel master dvr + to have extra capacity to store your recorded shows.

1TB WD elements portable USB 3.0 hard drive Features

1. Speed of the Interface.
WD Blue 1TB SATA portable hard drive
This hard drive uses the USB 3.0 technology. This is literally the latest and fastest transfer speed via USB ports in the market right now. SuperSpeed (SS) technology allows data transfer speeds at an ultimate high of 6Gbs per second. The best part is this speed is not compromised even when transferring large files.

It can also work on USB 2.0 ports, thought that would translate to lower transfer speeds-as low as 30MBps. It runs an internal drive speed of 5,400 rotations per minute.

2. Space

1 terabyte equals the capacity of four standard personal computers/laptops. Unlike other brands, the full 1 terabyte is available for storage. This device is a treasure for those dealing with massive volumes of data that need backing up on a daily basis for long term storage. It also works as a backup for smaller external drives.

3. Aesthetics

The 4.4 inches long 1TB WD elements portable USB 3.0 hard drive weighs 130 grams and comes in two colors- steel and black. Its rectangular shape gives it a clean, sleek look, and you can carry it around discreetly seeing that it measures 4.4*3.2*0.8 inches.

4. Automatic Backup Software

Losing 1 terabyte of data would be devastating. This is why WD have decided to incorporate automatic backup software into this portable hard drive, tagged “SmartWare Pro”.

5. Compatibility

The hard drive is compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and once you format it, with Mac 10.4 and above. It is not compatible however, with Windows XP.

For you to use it on both Windows and Mac at one time, you need to modify the file system to exFAT.

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Western Digital Elements External HD Customer Reviews

Most customers on Amazon echo that it works smoothly with Xbox one, praised its super-fast speed, its light weight, sleek design and ease of usage. All you need is the Micro USB cable to plug it into the host and it will be recognized immediately. The exterior is also hard enough to make sure you do not lose your data even when you drop the drive.

Mac users noted, you have to reformat it from NTFS TO HFS+ to make it compatible with Mac.

Someone else mentioned it does come with backup that you can use to schedule backups on your pc, but it is only available on trial basis for thirty days. There is no inbuilt security software, so it would not be advisable to store sensitive data on it.


A hard casing to protect the hard drive is available on Amazon.


For the low cost, high capacity, simple, sleek design and its ease of use, this hard drive is definitely worth buying. It is an excellent backup option for gamers, perfectly compatible with Xbox one and Nintendo. For Nintendo, it needs higher power, and you can get an adapter cable to connect both USB ports present at the front part of the device so it can get enough power. .

Amazon has the best deals on the 1TB WD elements portable USB 3.0 hard drive. You can get it for as low as 60 dollars, with the casing at 6.50 dollars. It comes with a one year warranty, and fast and free shipping is also a guarantee. You will enjoy great speed for less money, a lot of space and get the best value for it. At the end of the day, this product stays true to the WD slogan-Dream big. Carry Small.

In summary

If like many other computer users, the 500GB storage just doesn’t cut it for you, you need this hard drive. 1TB is one of the largest portable storage you can find. The joy is that one terabyte worth of storage is like moving around with 4 standard laptops. You can store literally all your data, no matter how big in one place, without having to sacrifice some data to create space for others. The WD 1TB USB 3.O hard drive is indeed the best answer to all your storage problems.

Jack Thompson