HomeWorx HW180STB HDTV Digital Converter Box

Every TV set for the older generation needed an antenna. But a few years ago broadcast stations transferred to digital signals, and suddenly lots of TVs with their rabbit ear antennas couldn’t view their shows anymore. Fortunately, these people can just buy any HDTV Digital Converter Box such as the HomeWorx HW180STB. For those who can’t afford a cable subscription or who watch mostly network broadcasting shows, this converter is the way to go—if it works.


It’s basically an antenna, so that means it takes TV signals and conveys them to your TV screen. The digital signals are converted by the HDTV Digital Converter Box so that you can watch your favorite shows. It doesn’t matter if your TV is an old analog model or one of the newer digital ones. With the HomeWorx HW180STB, you can even convert the digital signals so that you can watch shows on your computer screen or LCD projector.

That’s the most basic function, and it does it quite well. In fact, it can offer 1080P HD Digital TV shows, which can really boost your viewing experience without requiring monthly fees. Some people just rely on cable services just to make sure they get clear TV signals from their local broadcast stations, and the HomeWorx HW180STB makes those monthly fees unnecessary. If that’s the only reason why you have cable TV, then it’s time to switch to an HDTV Digital Converter Box so that you can save tons of money.

The auto tuning function finds the available TV signals and then configures the settings for the best picture. There are also other features as well that you might find convenient. For example, there’s a parental control function so that your kids may be prevented from watching truly atrocious and disturbing TV shows, such as the news.

It’s also a USB multimedia player, which gives even your old analog TV the ability to play movies from a USB stick even if the TV doesn’t have a USB port. The manual says that it supports a flash drive of up to just 64 GB, but that may not be entirely accurate, but that’s a good thing. One customer reported that he plugged in his 1TB hard disk and it worked great. So even if you have an old analog TV, you can still enjoy dozens of movies without having to set up a DVD player.


While there are a lot more positive online reviews than negative ones, you may want to take note of the negative points nonetheless. That’s because they prove a most important point: some units may not work. Either you’re in an area where an HDTV Digital Converter Box simply doesn’t get many over-the-air signals, or you got a faulty unit and you need to have it replaced. In the first instance, you need to return it and get an HDTV antenna instead. In the second instance, once you get a unit that works, thank the heavens because now you can finally watch shows for free.