Blazebox BlazeKey Review

While you can customize Kodi to stream videos and watch live TV for free, setting it up using add-ons can turn out to be a daunting task. You get the ability to stream media content from the internet on any digital device using Kodi but the only concern is which add-ons and apps you should download and where you find them.

There are some ways to address these issues, making it super easy to make the most out of the open-source software. One of the most effective methods is using Blazebox Blazekey designed to provide complete configuration of Kodi for Android boxes at a simple click. The BlazeKey app lets you start streaming your favorite content in no time. To learn about other ways to stream your favorites shows movies check out my other articles here.

In this review, we introduce readers to Blazebox BlazeKey and dive deeper into its working and offerings to help you use it in the best possible way.

Basically a USB stick, BlazeKey comes with a number of applications which provide the required configuration of Android set-top box automatically to be able to stream IPTV content. It can be used to get unlimited free content for viewing on Android TV.

BlazeKey is compatible with Android OS and does not support Mac, PC and Smart TVs. The USB stick can be used to configure any Android TV box from any brand. Moreover, the BlazeKey is required only during the initial installation. You don’t require it after the add-ons are configured on the box. If you use more than one Android IPTV box in your home, the stick can be used multiple times on any number of devices.

Blazekey by Blazebox

What Is BlazeKey?

When you get Kodi to stream free media from the internet on your Android IPTV, you get an automated setup and no add-ons. Those who are well-versed about the useful add-ons for Kodi and know where they can find them, things are somewhat simple.

However, users who are setting up their Android Box for the first time and are not confident about installing and configuring the necessary add-ons and apps would find BlazeKey quite useful. This stick can make their lives easier by saving them from the steep learning curve associated with Kodi streaming. By getting BlazeKey, you will not need to search over the internet to find reliable resources suggesting the essential add-ons and the ways to configure them on the box.

BlazeKey downloads the add-ons directly from a remote server connected to the Kodi box to make sure you always receive the latest updated add-ons on your device.

How BlazeKey Works

Using BlazeKey is pretty simple and straightforward. It is as easy as installing and running an application on your smartphone. The key comes with all the add-ons necessary to set up the Android Box for streaming. It also gives you the option to install Kodi if it is not already present on your box. Once you install the BlazeKey app, all the essential apps are downloaded from the internet. Once done, you can store the USB stick safe to use in the future with some other Android set-top box.

With just one click, the BlazeKey app downloads all the Kodi add-ons. The files are not stored on the key but on the server and this is why you always get the latest updated add-ons for Kodi. You can always launch the app to check for updates. You also receive emails when updates are available and can download them through the BlazeKey app.

Once configured, BlazeKey lets you use Kodi to stream your favorite content from countless music and video sources available. In the beginning, it can be overwhelming to see a large number of content sources. However, with time, you can identify your favorite add-ons and use them for a customized experience.

Kodi Add-Ons

When you install BlazeKey on your Android box, you will find all the add-ons available for Kodi to get content for streaming. You will see that Kodi will show channels for music, movies, live sports, live TV, series and adult content. And you are all set to go. There is no need to do anything else to start streaming. Some of the most popular Kodi add-ons you get with BlazeKey include Zeus, Phoenix, SuperStreams, Robocop, NaviX and more.

BlazeKey Setup

Setting up BlazeKey is extremely easy and quick. You just need to plug in the USB stick into any port of the Android box to get started. Most devices will pop up a window to let you explore the contents of the stick. If you don’t see any pop-up, you can open the file explorer and select external drive to see the applications – BlazeKey, Kodi and Aptoide TV.

If you have Kodi installed on the box, you can install BlazeKey app. You can also install Kodi from the BlazeKey. You need not add Aptoide TV to the Android box. It is essentially an app store which facilitates downloading more apps.

Next, you can navigate the list of apps and launch BlazeKey. You get the option to configure Kodi automatically. Downloading the add-ons might take some time depending on your internet speed. Once downloaded, all the channels are added to Kodi. You can now go to Kodi app to explore the newly available media content.

You are now ready to stream any type of media content on your Android device and that too, for free. We hope this guide to using Blazebox BlazeKey and its review helps you use Kodi better for all your streaming needs on your IPTV. Do share your thoughts and experiences about BlazeKey in the comments section below.

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