Five Best Cable Alternatives You Can Do At Home

5 Best Alternatives To Cable TV

Tired of paying a monthly cable bill and looking for other alternatives?

If so, you aren’t alone.

The Los Angeles Times reported that 812,000 pay TV subscribers cut the cable cord during the second quarter of 2016.

At that point, there were 1.4 million fewer pay TV subscribers than there were just one year earlier, according to consulting firm SNL Kagan.

It’s no secret.

There are people looking for options besides traditional cable when it comes to TV!

Here’s a look at the five best alternatives to cable TV.

1. Hulu

Hulu Cable Alternative SolutionHulu is a streaming TV service that offers a unique mix of original TV content and traditional cable programming.

If you are interested in seeing shows from networks like NBC and ABC, you can watch these a day after they air.

There’s also loads of other content, including classic TV series that can bring you back to the days of the past.

There is also a large catalog of movies to choose from and it costs just $7.99 per month.

Since this is a streaming service, it works through your internet connection so you can’t cut that cord!

2. Sling TV

Sling TV is one of the most popular alternatives to cable TV.

Sling Tv to Quit Cable FeesIt is like Hulu in that it streams its service through your home or office’s internet connection but it’s arguably better.

This is because it offers a good amount of live cable TV through the service.

Subscriptions start at just $20 per month but there are other packages which add more channels.

The base package, Sling Orange, includes channels like ESPN, ESPN2, A&E, Disney and more.

When you choose a slightly more expensive base package, Sling Blue ($25) adds channels like the Disney-owned stations and Fox’s offerings.

As part of their advertising campaign, Sling TV calls itself “A La Carte TV” which makes sense when you look at your other options.

You can browse their website to find specific channels you want and pay a fee of anywhere from $5 to $10 for each one.

If you are a new Sling TV customer and pre-pay two months, they will send you a free Roku Express. This is a streaming device that you access to find your apps and put all your subscription packages in one place.

If you are interested in a more advanced device, check out the Roku 3!

3. PlayStation VUE

While PlayStation VUE is one of the alternatives to cable TV, don’t be fooled by the name.

Although it shares the name of well-known PlayStation console, you don’t have to own one to enjoy the service.

With service starting at $29.99 per month (up to $64.99), PlayStation VUE offers channels like Disney, Discovery, ESPN, ESPN 2 and many others.

And you can watch these live1

You also have lots of options when it comes to news and quite a catalog of movies, too.

There is no annual contract and no annual fees, so your cost is fixed and there are no surprises.

4. HD Antennas

HD Antennas are another option that exists when it comes to cutting the cord.

clearstream eclipsw -on wallHD antennas are quite a contrast when compared to the antennas of old.

Older antennas, or “rabbit ears” as they were called, were the devices you put up and crossed your fingers.

Often, when these old antennas picked up channels, they came in fuzzy and with the sound that may or may not have worked.

Things couldn’t be further from that way with an HD antenna.

These technologically advanced devices will give you HD quality reception for the channels that they pick up in your area.

HD antennas have certain ranges in which they can pick up channels.

Depending on your area, you can up more than 60 channels just buy buying the antenna and setting it up in your living room!


DIRECTV NOW is a streaming service offered through AT&T in a way that bundles services like many cable providers do.

With prices starting at $35 per month, you will get about 60 channels but there are more expensive packages that offer you more channels.

If you are into HBO and Cinemax, you can add one or both of them as an add-on to your package for just $5 each.

Even DIRECTV NOW’s most basic package includes some appealing choices. Fox News, CNN, HGTV, ESPN, ESPN 2 and Comedy Central are just a few of your options!

If you are concerned about having to erect a satellite dish on the outside of your home or office, rest easy!

DIRECTV NOW isn’t a satellite service. It is accessed through many different internet connected devices or a handful of web browsers.

This helps you to avoid the hassle of putting up a satellite dish to enjoy the service!

The Best Alternatives to Cable TV 2018

TV alternativesSome cable customers are actively seeking alternatives to their cable TV programming.

Cutting the cord is enticing because some of those services offer you quite a bit of channels, while also helping to save you the high costs of expensive cable TV packages.

Another nice perk, especially with Sling TV, is that you can cherry pick the channels that matter to you and pay for those.

This way you are customizing your TV package so that is exactly what you want it to be.

The important thing to remember with these streaming options is that you will need a reliable internet connection to enjoy them!

But if you don’t watch much TV or really want to cut costs, consider an HD antenna.

These unique devices are far from the antennas of old.

They are high-tech options that give you an affordable one-time cost. But it’s important to remember that your HD antenna picks up its channels by being put up and scanning the surrounding area.

If you are in a more rural area, your HD antenna may not find you as many channels if you were in a more developed area.

If there’s one thing that should make you feel good about as a consumer, is that there are lots of alternatives to cable TV!

So if you are in the market to cut the cord, check out our website to learn more about this unique world of options!

Jack Thompson