Magnavox MDR537H DVR Solution

Looking For a Magnavox MDR537H review ? They are all over Amazon,  However, the information you are likely to get may be a bit disjointed, since reviewers have their own “styles” of writing and opinions, so to speak. Nonetheless, it’s safe to say that most people are impressed, except for that (insert expletive here) manual.


The Magnavox MDR537H is essentially a modern version of the VCR. You can just record any TV show onto the 1 Terabyte hard disk. There’s also an option to record on DVD disks, which is a relief. You may think that an entire terabyte of hard disk storage is virtually limitless, but if you’re like most TV viewers you probably watch and record entire seasons of many different shows.

By burning the record programs onto DVDs, you can keep your hard disk from being full. Just use +R DVD disks so you’re certain that it can play in any DVD unit. Don’t worry about the quality, since you’re not likely to find any pixilation. As for the controls, they’re mostly intuitive, so you should have no difficulties there.

But if you want to keep your recorded programs on the hard disk, that’s ok too. You can easily replace the full hard disk with a pristine and empty one.

Ease of Installation and Use

If you have tech knowledge, you’ll have quite an advantage. That’s because the manual is an absolute pain in the a$s. Just about every honest Magnavox MDR537H review mentions this fact, even those reviews that rave about the product.

Why? That’s because some of the information it conveys is incorrect. For example, in the manual it says that you’ll need a cable box. But since it already has a digital tuner, a cable box isn’t necessary. Some of what the manual says can be misleading, and sometimes some information simply isn’t there.

So what should you do if you have a problem regarding how to install or use the Magnavox MDR537H? Call customer support. They can walk you through the process, no problem.

But in general, using it is just like using a VCR, and even if somehow you can’t remember what a VCR is then you’re probably tech-savvy enough to figure it out yourself.

Here is a link to the actual manual in case you have other questions: http://www.m4c.magnavox.com/files/m/mdr535h_f7/mdr535h_f7_dfu_aen.pdf


The typical Magnavox MDR537H review is usually written by a very satisfied customer, so chances are good that you’ll join their ranks when you become a customer as well. You just need a bit of patience with the manual, and everything else will be great.


Now when it comes to value for money, we need to discuss the price first. The 1tb version can be bought for a little under $300, even though the list price is a lot more than that. The 500 GB costs somewhere in the neighborhood of $240 (list price $370) while the puny 320 GB version (which you really should just ignore unless you plan on transferring everything to DVDs) costs upwards of $200 but with a list price of around $300. All in all, it’s a good deal here on amazon.  You can see our full DVR Without Subscription Review Here.


Jack Thompson