Save Monthly Cable Fees With DVR Without Subscriptions

The love for TV and movies is inherent and that is why getting a DVR without subscription is in demand. Our website provides information on various products that allow you to have DVR without subscription. Having a flat screen LED TV in your home is much better since this way you don’t miss any of your beloved shows and movies.

This is where the DVR comes in. The DVR is capable of recording any series or movies that you want. It may even help you come up with your own collection in the privacy of your home. To have a DVR without a subscription is a challenge. If you are fortunate to end up with one, you will definitely have tons of benefits to enjoy.

It is no secret that there are many DVR gadgets out there. Choosing the right one that is above the rest is a tedious task. Inexpensive options are out there. They offer packages that will fit your needs and your budgets as well.

This article helps you make a decision by providing information on the features and reviews on three of the hottest DVR without subscription products. You can effectively have a DVR without subscription and when you acquire it, you will have the following benefits: You could view your favorite programs or movies according to your schedule with the use of your computer.

All you have to do is purchase a digital TV tuner and you are good to go. You will have better results if you have higher memory, processor and storage.

  • You can burn your selected programs or movies for storage so that you could view them sometime in the future.
  • You could record based on free TV guides included in the packages.
  • You can save on expensive monthly fees.
  • You can get the best picture quality.

You may spend more at first but in the end, you will have more savings. There will be heavy savings when you stop paying monthly fees for DVR services. All you have to do is choose which one you need the most.


Channel Master CM-7000PAL


The Channel Master has the reputation of having the best picture quality among all DVRs. Picture quality is everything for many avid viewers. With this device, you will always have a great experience with your TV recordings.

Main Features

This efficient DVR has a digital antenna that makes terrestrial reception a lot clearer. With hit, you have landscape relief and great conditions for reception. It also has an Auto Sleep feature that gives way to the Standby mode about four hours after the last remote entry.

Other Key Features

  • It is easy to install and operate.
  • It converts HD video into SD format.
  • It has S video output.
  • It has onscreen display.
  • It has an Electronic Program Guide.
  • It has CC (Close Caption).

What Customers Say

Customers say that they like Channel Master’s update feature. This allows you to scan the channels again so that weak ones could be dropped. It is also advantageous for parents because they have parental control with a default password. They also enjoy the 12-hour programming guide and a button that allows you to compare pictures.

They say that Channel Master is easy to use. It only has one button for you to select closed caption and picture size. It is absolutely worth every cent.

Toshiba DR430 DVD Recorder

The Toshiba DR430 helps convert and archive your home movies to DVD easily. You could easily record your shows and movies quickly and easily. It also provides you with excellent media for playback and recording.

Main Features

The DR 430 has an Auto Finalize feature that automatically finalizes the recordings for playback on your DVD players. The HDMI-CEC feature allows you to control various components very easily. You just have to connect your devices with an HDMI cable and use a remote to take care of things.

Other Key Features

  • It has Video Progressive Scan 3:2 Pulldown.
  • It has Video Resolution 1080p.
  • It includes DVD+R, DVD+RW, Video Upconversion 1080i, DVD-R, 1080p, DVD-RW, 720p, HDMI CEC as playable disk types.
  • It has Audio MP3 and WMA Playback.
  • It has one touch recording.
  • It has 1 USB port.
  • It has 1 output/input for RCA video.
  • It has 1 output, 2 input for S-Video.

What Customers Say

After purchasing and using the DR430, customers found that it is indeed a solid recorder. You can never have issues on any format. Although it may take a short time to load the formats, the recorders eventually go smoothly. You could conveniently record in EP, SP, and LP.

Magnavox MDR515H 500GB HDD and DVD-R with Digital Tuner 


List Price: $399.99
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If you want a versatile, technological DVR recorder, Magnavox is the right one for you. It allows you to manipulate the recording as it happens. This way, you know what you get after you are done.

Main Features

Magnavox makes it possible for you to freeze, fast forward, and rewind while you record. It also enables you to watch live TV. It has an Up-Conversion and a recording length of up to 620 hours using the 500GB HDD. Other Key Features

  • It has Dolby Digital Stream Out.
  • It has 1080p UP Conversion.
  • It has HDMI Output.
  • It gives 4-way dubbing (DVD to HDD, HDD to DVD, DV to DVD, DV to HDD)

What Customers Say

Many customers are tired of paying $200 monthly for cable so they decide to go for Magnavox. With Magnavox, they have the chance to record their shows and burn them in DVDs so that they could last forever. They find the Magnavox very easy to use as well.

Our Recommendation

We highly recommend the Magnavox because of its versatility. It allows you to record while watching live TV, fast forward, rewind, and even freeze. This makes you control what you are recording. With a DVR like this, you won’t have to guess if your show or movie was recorded or not.

Magnavox is an inexpensive way to enjoy your movies and shows. It is a purchase that you won’t even have to think about. It is understood that the Magnavox is the one you need for your entertainment. You won’t regret making it part of your home entertainment system especially since it’s DVR without subscription.

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